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High school, college and graduate students around the world look forward to their graduation ceremonies as the opportunity to celebrate their years of hard work. After endless hours of studying, reading, exams and assignments, graduation is finally the time to look back and be proud of all the effort that has been put in to achieve grades and qualifications for students’ next steps.

However, the graduations of 2020 will look different from any other year. With the pandemic and social distancing suppressing gatherings, physical ceremonies have been postponed. Students won’t be able to walk across the stage and receive their certificates in front of friends and family. Because of this, it’s even more important that we come up with creative ways to help those graduating mark their special days. There doesn’t need to be a party to honour the hard work and achievement - here are some of our favourite ways that you can help make them feel special!

Graduation Gift And Party Ideas

1. Mock-Graduation Ceremony

Until they’re able to go to their real graduation, why not bring the graduation to them? Ask all the members of your household to dress up for the occasion in smart attire and have the graduate wear the cap and gown. Choose a room to host the ceremony, arrange the chairs in rows, and decorate the room with banners, balloons, photographs and streamers. With a wide variety of boxes and sizes available in our Eternity Rose collections, you can pick the perfect selection for the occasion. You could even mix and match from the eight colours to match the school or university colour scheme. Put the finishing touch to the event by printing off official graduation programs to detail the schedule for the day, including a special family dinner!

2. Virtual Graduation Party

Grads might not be able to physically get together, but there’s no reason you can’t have a virtual party! Bring all the graduates together virtually through a Zoom or Google Meets call and pop the champagne! To make a day of it, why not organise the party for immediately after the mock-ceremonies are finished, and take advantage of the celebratory spirit with the decorations and banners. If you decide not to go all-out with the decorations you could take the more subtle approach with a custom personalised box of our signature Eternity Roses adorned with a letter or number of your choice for that personal touch.

3. Drive-By Graduation

This is a fantastic way to create a sense of communal celebration involving other people, in a safe way that means everyone can keep a safe distance. Contact your friends, family and neighbours and ask them to drive past the house at a set time. This will create a parade for the graduate and make them feel really special - especially if it’s a surprise for them. Make sure the whole family is out in front of the house at the pre-arranged time to greet the well-wishers, and decorate the house with balloons, Eternity Roses and streamers.

Alternatively, you could flip this idea the other way - plan a route past friends’ and family homes for you to drive along with the graduate. Let residents know what time you’ll be driving past and they can come out of their houses to wave you by and offer their congratulations.

4. Photo Shoot

Eternity Roses Graduation

Hopefully, when things get back to normal there will be the opportunity for a professional graduation photograph, but in the meantime, why not organise your own photoshoot? Hire the cap and gown to make it semi-official and take some photos around the home - maybe mock up a professional-looking area to replicate the official-looking photos. Consider getting some props to make the backdrop really special by decorating with banners and beautiful roses to finish the scene. You don’t have to restrict it to the home either. Make a day of it and go out to take some great shots in nature: at the park, by a lake, in the woods.

5. Decorate the Front Door

This is a wonderful way to show the neighbourhood you’re celebrating, while at the same time creating a beautiful keepsake for the person graduating.

Spend some time gathering photographs of your graduate charting their life and create a collage on a large board to attach to the front door in celebration. Of course, this is a great idea in addition to the other ones on the list!

6. Graduation Gift Ideas

Premium - Red Eternity Roses - Royal Blue Suede Box

There’s no reason you can’t send gifts as normal to help the graduate celebrate their achievement. If you live with the graduate, or if they’re a friend or family member who lives elsewhere, a great gift idea is a premium eternity rose box from The Million Roses. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes so you can personalise to whoever you are gifting to, and they help elevate any occasion with opulence and luxury deserving of any graduate!

7. Graduation Dinner

Organise a family meal (preferably the graduate’s favourite three courses!) and make it a special meal. Ask everyone to dress smartly and have the graduate wear graduation attire. For an extra special touch, ask everyone to speak for a minute or two about the graduate and their achievements or favourite memories over the years.

As with some of our other suggestions on the list, this one can be enjoyed in conjunction with some of them - mix and match to create the perfect, unique event!

So there you have it - some of our favourite suggestions to help make a graduate’s day special, even during the days of the pandemic. Use your imagination and a socially distanced graduation day can be every bit as special, fun and celebratory as the official one!
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