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A properly cared for eternity rose box from The Million Roses can maintain its beauty, freshness and joy for up to three years. Although our long-lasting roses require minimal effort to care for, there are a few recommendations we offer to help ensure you get the most possible out of your rose box.

Our luxury roses are specially treated in order for the receiver to enjoy and admire for as long as possible. We intend our roses to be an investment to provide happiness and add opulence to any household. Following our tips on how to care for eternity roses, you should be able to ensure yours last for as long as possible.

Eternity Rose Care Guide

How To Take Care Of Eternity Roses

If you’re wondering ‘how can I make my roses last longer?’ you’re in the right place. It couldn’t be simpler to care for your eternity rose box and ensure the longevity of its beauty. Our expert advice is sure to help you understand how to take care of an eternity rose.


  1. Do Not Water The Roses

Although your eternity rose may look just like a fresh rose, it does not have the same watering needs a traditional rose does. Our preserved roses are specially treated and therefore do not need water. In fact, watering the rose may cause damage and affect the longevity of the flower.

   2. Avoid Touching The Roses

As tempting as it can be to make contact with the fresh rose, it is harmful to the flower to touch it.

   3. Do Not Take The Roses Out Of Their Box
Our roses need to remain within their box as the packaging is integral to keep the rose looking beautiful and fresh. However, at The Million Roses, we ensure that each set of roses comes with a stylish and appealing box, which you will compliment the rose and look great in your home. Our collection of The Million Love Heart Eternity Rose Boxes come complete with a stylish love heart box which will look beautiful wherever and completes the look of the rose. Choose from a selection of premium boxes as well as our smaller boxes also to find a style of box you wouldn’t ever want to remove.

  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight
Placing the flower directly in sunlight can have an adverse effect on the colour and may cause it to fade. To keep your colourful roses long lasting, be sure to carefully place them in an area not affected by direct sunlight.

  5. Gently Remove Any Dust From The Roses
Over time, the roses may gather dust. To remove the dust, you should lightly dust the roses ideally with a lightweight duster. Any rigorous method can cause your roses harm.

  6. Do Not Place Anything On Top Of The Roses
Keep your roses in an area with plenty of room around. Do not place anything on top which may cause damage to the flower.

  7. Keep At Room Temperature
Our eternity roses last longer when kept at room temperature. Avoid arranging your set in an area that has a warm climate, similarly to how you should also avoid an area which is cold.

  8. Do Not Spray With Chemicals
When cleaning your roses, be sure not to use any chemicals. This can interfere with the treatment the roses have experienced to be preserved and can damage them. Instead, gently clean using a duster as mentioned previously.

  9. Avoid Squashing Or Pressing The Roses
Avoid positioning your roses in an area they may get squashed or pressed against. Our preserved roses are just as delicate as fresh ones, and so must be treated as such. Rest assured, that even during transit, every care is taken to deliver your roses in pristine condition.

  10. Avoid Humid Places
As mentioned, The Million Roses eternity roses do not react well to water. This should be taken into consideration when choosing the area to display the flowers. All humid areas should be avoided in order to ensure the roses remain pristine.

Eternity Rose Care Guide

Naturally, over time, small changes may occur to your roses, however by following our tips you are a step closer to having beautiful flowers all year long. Now you know how to keep eternity roses fresh, why not choose your new long-lasting roses to fill your home with joy for up to three years.

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