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We all agree there is no feeling quite like receiving flowers. Whether it’s being the recipient of a romantic gesture, being cheered up on a bad day, or making someone smile by sending them a beautiful bouquet, it is a wonderful sensation.

With the recent surge in popularity of preserved roses, you may be wondering whether they are better than fresh roses. After all, the status quo has long been to visit your local florist, find the perfect roses and then gift them to someone special. But in a time that has seen a new status quo, preserved roses (also known as eternity roses) have proven that they too are a great way to gift a loved one.


Preserved Roses Vs Fresh Roses

What Is The Difference Between Preserved Roses And Fresh Roses

We all know what fresh roses are, but you may be wondering “what are preserved roses?”

Well, the similarity between fresh and preserved roses is actually a lot closer than you may think. Not to be confused with artificial roses, preserved roses are still real roses that are naturally grown, Whereas fresh roses are cut at their healthiest, most fresh peak and packaged before being gifted in a bouquet, preserved roses go through an extra step before the packaging stage. Instead, they go through an extremely sophisticated treatment process once they are at their peak freshness. This treatment allows the roses to remain in the stage for at least a year when looked after correctly.

So which rose reigns as the supreme option when looking for a gift for someone special?

Fresh Roses Vs Preserved Roses

How Long Do The Roses Last

One of the first criteria to look at when considering which rose is better, is the length of time they last. Whilst there is nothing like the original feeling of receiving roses, there is also a certain sadness on the day where the roses have died and must be disposed of.

Preserved Roses Vs Fresh Roses

On average, a fresh rose will last seven days, meaning that as the week draws to a close, so will the bouquet and the beautiful gift will be no more. Whereas eternity roses can last for a year or more which, in comparison, lets you enjoy freshness in the home, happiness as well as beauty for considerably longer.

How Much Maintenance Do The Roses Require

As mentioned, real preserved roses will last for at least a year when cared for properly. Surprisingly, this maintenance is not at all strenuous or time-consuming. Steps such as keeping them out of direct sunlight, not putting anything on top of the flowers are extremely easy to follow and will come as second nature in no time. Read our full Eternity Rose Care Guide to see just how easy they are to care for.

However, one could only wish that caring for fresh cut roses was as easy. First of all, the roses will need to be placed in water as soon as possible. The stray leaves will need to be removed from the stem, as when they rot they can cause bacterial problems in the water. The stems will also need to be trimmed but whilst remembering not to cut them too short, as in a few days they will need to be trimmed again to help the roses stay fresh. Every few days the water will need to be changed, it is suggested by rose experts that this process should happen every two days.

When faced with the choice of beautiful roses that last a year with minimal effort, as opposed to fresh roses that last a week with constant care and attention…. We know which option we would prefer!

Preserved Roses V Fresh Roses Presentation

As beautiful as fresh roses are, the recipient is then faced with the dilemma of what vase to display them in. As vases tend to come in different shapes and sizes, it can be tricky choosing which one best shows off the beautiful bouquet better, as well as considering the size of the bouquet.

The Million Deluxe Box - Red Eternity Roses & Golden Circles

With eternity roses from The Million Roses, we ensure that all our preserved roses in a box we sell come complete with sophisticated and elegant packaging, designed with the goal of complimenting each unique arrangement. From our big, statement-making pieces, to even the smaller arrangements in our range, the only display issue will be choosing where in your home to show them off.

At The Million Roses, our roses are made using real fresh flowers which are then preserved. Meaning you get the best of both worlds and can give a token of love to a special one which they will never forget. Explore our range of real preserved roses and show someone you really care with beautiful roses that are both fresh and long-lasting.

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