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Did you know a study has shown receiving flowers not only has an immediate effect on happiness but also helps reduce anxiety and depression over the long term?
Eternity roses from The Million Roses allow you to create the joy and happiness that only a bouquet of flowers can bring, but have the unique benefit of lasting all year round. Whether it’s as an unforgettable gift for a loved one, or to decorate your home, eternity roses are a beautiful way to help improve your mood and create a nice living space. But what are eternity roses, and how do they work?

What Are Eternity Roses?



What Are Eternity Roses?

Eternity roses are as simple as their name suggests… roses that last for a long period of time without showing signs of wilting nor require maintenance. So, rather than buying roses all year round and having to care for them before their inevitable death, our roses mean you purchase one bouquet of roses, which will than last for a year (or even more when cared for properly) allowing you to concentrate on the other areas of your life, whilst being surrounded by a constant source of beauty.

As a gift for loved ones, they are a beautiful reminder every day of the special bond you have, as well as showing the care you hold for that person, even if you cannot be around them. Available in many colours, ranging from classic red to joyful yellow and pretty pink, as well as many different sizes including our small eternity rose boxes to our deluxe eternity rose boxes, there are plenty of ways to express your unique relationship with a loved one, and tailor to their preferences and character.

Red Eternity Roses

How Do The Million Roses Eternity Roses Work?

At The Million Roses, we understand and cherish the feeling that giving and receiving flowers brings. With this passion, we have perfected our technique to preserve these stunning flowers all year round without diminishing their beauty.
Rather than merely drying the roses, we use our sophisticated treatment process to create a dramatically different look.
  1. Fresh roses are selected and cut when they are at their optimum beauty and radiance
  2. The roses go through a rehydration process involving glycerin alongside other plant elements
  3. During this, the liquid rises up through the trunk as it substitutes the sap completely.
  4. After a few days, the treatment is complete and the roses are ready to be used and admired.

Our technique results in a completely flexible and healthy-looking rose, which can be kept for months (or even years) with minimal care.
Gone are the days of having to spend time tending to your flowers and maintaining their looks, as our long-lasting roses do that for you.

Welcome to the future of enjoying roses all year round, and treating your loved ones in an unforgettable manner. Whether it's smaller boxes as a treat for loved ones, or a larger box to express your devotion to your significant other, explore our full range today and find the perfect eternity roses for the perfect person in your life.
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