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An important part of selecting roses for your special someone is choosing the perfect colour that will really speak to the recipient and help convey your message. At The Million Roses, we have a beautiful range of colours to suit every occasion. We’ve put together the essential guide to help you understand the meaning behind the colours of our eternity roses, so you can make sure you select the perfect gift for your loved one.

Red Eternity Roses

Red Eternity Roses

Red eternity roses are a traditional and classy choice when it comes to love and affection. Red is the perfect colour to let someone special know how important they are to you, whether you’re in the early stages of a blossoming romance or have spent many happy years growing together. Whatever the situation, the classic red rose conveys passion and love.

Pink Eternity Roses

Pink Eternity Roses
Pink eternity roses are delicate, passionate and a beautiful way to show your love all year round. They don’t have to necessarily convey romantic love (although they can do this as a celebration of a new relationship), but are a great choice for expressing friendship or gratitude, perhaps as an elegant way to say ‘thank you’. The joy of pink is its versatility, with its vibrant and beautiful colouring perfect for everything from a Mother’s day gift or a baby reveal event, to a wedding present. We have several shades: hot pink, soft pink and candy pink.

White Eternity Roses

White roses have an elegant simplicity that will look wonderful in any space, amongst any decor. They always look beautiful around the home. The subtlety and innocence of white roses makes them versatile and symbolic. White is the purest colour, often used for life events and occasions such as new births and weddings, or to express sympathy following a death. They can celebrate or commiserate with their everlasting nature suitable for all life events.

Blue Eternity Roses

Blue Eternity Rose

A unique and beautiful blue eternity rose can suit many different occasions and purposes. We have several wonderful shades of blue available that you can select from to make sure you delight that special someone.
A light blue is perfect for baby gender reveal events while royal blue is a regal shade that could be gifted to reinforce a strong friendship. We also have Tiffany blue, a shade which evokes classic romanticism and comfortable tranquillity.


Black Eternity Roses

Black Eternity Rose
Black / Gold Eternity Roses - Black Box


Black eternity roses evoke mysterious and elegant qualities. Traditionally associated with mourning and sadness, they are a thoughtful way to show respect and sympathy. However, they are also an interesting and unusual choice for other occasions to add a touch of drama. Certainly a more bold choice than some of our other eternity rose colours, black is growing in popularity due to its simple elegance.

Purple Eternity Roses

Purple Eternity Roses
Purple & Lavender Eternity Roses - White Box

Lavender, lilac and bright purple hues are all beautiful and quirky shades of eternity roses. From the regal deep purple to the more playful lavender tones, our purple range of eternity roses has an elegance that conveys respect and love. Perfect for a mother’s day gift or as a special gift for someone in your life.

Gold Eternity Roses

Gold Eternity Roses

 are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. As with all our other colours, we can create combinations for a unique effect. The gold eternity roses look particularly stunning when offset against red or black roses. Show your loved one how much they mean to you with decadent gold eternity roses that will last up to three years.

Yellow Eternity Roses

Our yellow roses will put a smile on your loved one's face or simply brighten up your own home! There is no better way to improve someone’s day than with our rare yellow roses which bring happiness and cheer to any celebration. From weddings, births, new homes or as ‘get well soon’ wishes, yellow eternity roses convey a sense of joy and optimism that is irresistible.

Select Your Style

Once you’ve chosen the perfect colour of eternity roses for your special someone, you need to decide how you’d like them to be presented. Browse our varied collection of presentation boxes and choose the right style for the occasion. No matter what the event, we have the perfect colour and presentation box to ensure the recipient will love their eternity roses for years to come!
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