About Us

We are more than a company. This migh be the most common sentence you will hear while getting introduced to any firm around the globe. However, you probably already know that The Million Roses stands for much more than a flower or present company..

The Million Roses is a 21st century success story, that started out as an idea, shared by people of different professional backgrouds, to bring happiness to anyone, through them being able to make our philosophy and lifestyle their own. Our determination for product and service quality, combined with artistic approach and marketing expertise made it possible to deliver our products to thousands of happy customers in many countries. The warm reception of our boxes and presents in such volume is what motivates us towards our goal; to be able to deliver a message of happiness in exclusive style to more and more houses..

For us The Million Roses is more than a company, it is a story. One that we like to share..

You can now order our wonderful hand-made rose boxes with shipping in Europe. Our roses are now able to last longer than ever, decorating your home or office, making you remember a lovely event or memory up to 1 year long.

It's not the gift that counts, but it does mean a lot. In the world of The Million Roses there is not a single disappointed person. In the world of The Million Roses, beatuy speaks for itself.

If words are not enough to express what you feel again and again, The Million Roses helps!